Shops and supermarkets

If you are a supermarket or shop wanting to stock a range of local, freshly baked bread and cakes to attract more customers into your store then contact Potts Bakers. A representative will visit you to work out the product range to suit your customers and with samples you can see just how much they will love the taste of our bread and delicious cakes.

We have been delivering fully labelled and bar-coded baked goods to many shops and supermarkets in the Yorkshire region for over 10 years. Potts Bakers is a Member of the Craft Bakers Association and has SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier) certification.

Seasonal products and promotional offers encourage extra purchases and provide variety.

Our range includes

  • Traditional large and small bread loaves – white, wholemeal, malted wheat and multi-seed
  • Teacakes/breadcakes – giant, large, small – white, wholemeal, malt & seedy
  • Currant teacakes
  • Scones, raspberry buns, Yorkshire fruited bunkies
  • Large custards
  • Loaf cakes and buns – including date cake, ginger crush cake.
  • Flapjacks – traditional, chocolate and sultana
  • Slices – currant, rocky road, caramel, bakewell, chocolate brownie
  • Fresh cream cakes – including chocolate eclairs, vanilla slices, yoyos, apple turnovers, raspberry cream slices
  • Display ready boxes of slices and cookies
  • Seasonal specialities give variety to your customer offering throughout the year – gingerbreads, hot cross buns, mince pies and Yorkshire parkin (Find out more ….)

…………… and lots more with full labelling and barcode for all products.

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